Health and Aesthetics

Health and Aesthetics

Health-oriented equipment, whether for individual health protection, for medical diagnosis or to support physiotherapy or aesthetic treatments, despite the great demand for the much they contribute to the good performance of those professionals who use them, is usually a matter of concern, since quality deficiencies and outdated technologies can significantly degrade the expected results. In recent years, this equipment has seen great technological advances in terms of the technology employed, which has provided speed and greater accuracy to the results obtained. The advances in electronics and biotechnology have contributed a lot, and together they have made it possible for the tenuous electrical signals generated by biological processes, previously almost undetectable, to be captured, processed, and analyzed reliably..

Among the QUARTZO differentials in this segment are the long expertise in dealing with high-tech equipment and a long tradition of ensuring customer satisfaction, not only as to the quality of the equipment sold, but also by the excellent after-sales structure, which seeks not only to ensure, but also to exceed our customers' expectations.

The QUARTZO portfolio includes personal protection equipment (respiratory protection masks, eye and face protection equipment, helmets for head protection, ear muffs and ear protectors, protective gloves and shoes, and aprons for torso protection); Medical Diagnostic Support Equipment (digital thermometers, electrocardiographs, electroencephalographs and defibrillators); support equipment for rehabilitation treatments (therapeutic ultrasound, vibration platform, TENS); support equipment for aesthetic treatment (intense pulsed light, electro-lipolysis, galvanic current and Russian current, cryolipolysis, carboxitherapy, lipocavitation, ozone vapor); support equipment for dental treatments (photopolymerizer, tooth whitening, intra-oral digital sensor).

Continuously connected to the state of the art of world technology and permanently interested in products that can somehow contribute to the quality of life of Brazilians, QUARTZO Defense Engineering, which with its technical team continuously monitors the global market, decided to enter the technology market for health treatment support products and incorporate them to the QUARTZO portfolio, bringing to its customers what is most modern and advanced in this segment.