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QUARTZO Defense and QUARTZO Amazonia do not act as resellers, but as authorized representatives of partner companies. This means that our companies have capacity assured by the manufacturers to provide the guarantee of the marketed product and, in some cases, carry out preventive and corrective maintenance. This differential assures to the customer the peace of mind of knowing that their product has a manufacturer's warranty and that they can be maintained in adequate operating conditions.

Some of the products presented in our portfolio may be classified as PCE (Product Controlled by the Army) and allowed to be sold only to authorized public and private agencies. Please, consult us in case of doubt.

Why buy from us?

Because QUARTZO presents the following differentials:

  • It is a company committed to customer satisfaction, throughout the entire process.
  • It participates in the main fairs and exhibitions in America, Europe, and Asia, keeping up to date with what is most modern in its acting segments.
  • It has a specialized technical team, which selects for you reliable and high-performance products, among the best existing on the market.
  • It visits the suppliers' facilities and knows their manufacturing processes, guaranteeing not only the origin of the product, but also its quality.
  • It represents the most capable and innovative national and international manufacturers.
  • It operates with several manufacturers and offers a wide range of products with different capacities and performances, allowing the perfect solution for your needs, without degrading the established operational requirements.
  • It is not a reseller, but a representative of the manufacturer, ensuring that your product will have the original warranty.
  • It strictly obeys the laws, ensuring that all of its products have been produced or imported legally.
  • It has a permanent commitment to the sustained quality of its management processes, to operational safety and to the highest ethical standards.
  • It has dozens of satisfied VIP and corporate clients satisfied, as evidenced by our Certificates of Technical Capacity displayed on our website.
  • It has special authorization to sell controlled products, which submits the Company to strict control by government authorities, through frequent visits and audits.
  • It has authorization and training for the acquisition of international products and for the export of products to any country Brazil maintains commercial relations.
  • It is a lean company, with effective management and standardization of practices and processes, which reduces costs and allows more competitive prices for the customer.
  • It uses reliable companies to ship its products and takes delivery deadlines seriously.
  • It permanently and obstinately seeks the highest final quality of the services performed and products sold.
  • It has an excellent structure for after-sales support.
  • It is a company that recognizes its social responsibility and has a high environmental awareness.

Our Services and Products

Aviation & Human Factor Technical Consultancy

Armament and Ammunition

Flight and Operational Simulators

Ballistic and Operational Protection

Tactical and Industrial Vehicles & Machinery

Urban Mobility and Robotics

Less-Lethal Devices

Operational Drones

Health and Aesthetics

Combat Technology

Intelligence, Access Control, and Investigation

Fire Fighting and Other Products

Did not find what you want?

QUARTZO Group companies seek to make available the most modern and innovative products for the military and public or private security market. Although the Company seeks to keep updated on the state of the art in its segments, it is a rapidly developing market and new products can be launched overnight.

For this reason, it may be that a particular item is not found in our portfolio. However, motivated by the continuous desire to better serve its customers, QUARTZO will seek the desired product, if any, and will try to make it available in its portfolio, provided that its value is compatible with the reality of the Brazilian market and that the legislation in force and the commercial agreements established allow it.

Do you want to download the QUARTZO catalogs?

Discover and download the QUARTZO catalogs. Presenting an important part of our portfolio, they present the groups of products of all segments in which QUARTZO Defense and QUARTZO Amazonia operate, especially those that have aroused the greatest interest in our customers.

Discover QUARTZO Commerce

QUARTZO Commerce is the arm of the QUARTZO Group dedicated to electronic commerce of uncontrolled products of high technological value. It was born with the purpose of bringing to the Brazilian market national and international products that present innovative characteristics, differentiated quality and high performance.

Through solid partnerships with reliable suppliers, we are able to anticipate trends and provide our customers with the most advanced products in various segments. In this initial phase, we will offer sustainable urban mobility solutions, with different models of electric scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, and tricycles. In addition, we will provide health protection materials. Soon, we will make available drones, uncontrolled personal defense products and firefighting materials and equipment, among others.

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