Aviation & Human Factor Technical Consultancy

Executive Flight Safety Consulting

QUARTZO Defense Engineering has been working in the aviation market since 2002 and its client portfolio includes several renowned companies in the aeronautical market. Counting with a consulting team formed by pilots, mechanics, psychologists, qualified and properly updated civil and military personnel, in all aviation areas, QUARTZO is ready to offer aeronautical consulting solutions, efficient and sustainable, adequate to the most diverse scenarios of the aeronautical sector, including executive aviation, such as airport and helipad projects, organizational diagnosis, acting and improving operations efficiency, preparation for PEOTRAM audits, preparation for ISO 9001 and 14001 certification, operational safety assessment and improvement, Safety Case preparation, hazard identification and risk classification, aeronautical licensing and quality management.

QUARTZO Defense Engineering also has large experience in performing the following activities, initially developed for the aeronautical market, which can be implemented in any kind of company, from small to large size, especially clinics, hospitals and industries:

  • Climate Research and organizational diagnosis 
  • Training and professional development
  • CRM and Human Factor training
  • Support to the implementation of the Just Culture
  • Organizational transitions
  • Psychological and behavioral assessment of individuals and teams
  • Evaluation of professional profile and individual and collective performance
  • Training for managers and teams
  • Recruitment and selection of special positions


We have staff formally qualified for the development, implementation, and monitoring of the substance abuse prevention program.
Contact us, present your needs, and together we will develop a program to diagnose and evaluate failures and improve the collective performance of your team of collaborators, reducing costs and increasing your profits.

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