The Company

QUARTZO Defense Engineering, Industry and Commerce, also called QUARTZO Defense, is a Brazilian company specialized in carrying out technical specialized services and commercial representation of innovative products, with high added value and high final quality, for the military and public or private security markets, from Brazil and abroad.

Our services are carried out through detailed planning and experienced guidance from our technical staff. We have a specialized and multidisciplinary team, proven and approved by demanding and renowned clients.

Our technicians accumulate long experience in the military and paramilitary market and are able to fast act with professionalism and competence, providing consultancy and assisting in the creation, development, and monitoring of technical projects, as well as studies on the applicability and acquisition of military and public or private security products.

We are based in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. We have a unit in the city of São Pedro da Aldeia, in the Lakes Region of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and another unit at the city of Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon Forest.

We operate with capillarity throughout the Brazilian territory, in the national defense and public security markets, at federal, state, and municipal levels. Upon consultation and availability, we can expand our activities abroad, especially throughout Latin America and Africa, as QUARTZO Defense is qualified and formally authorized to carry out import and export of public and private security and national defense materials and equipment, including Army controlled products.


QUARTZO - Defense, Industry and Commerce Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2002, in the city of São Pedro da Aldeia, in the Lakes Region of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The initial purpose of providing consultancy, training, and supervision of aeronautical activities to companies whose main job involved the provision of aeronautical services or the contracting of this activity in support of offshore oil market operations. Shortly thereafter, we started working with the Brazilian Navy, providing instructors to conduct training in the flight simulator of Bell 206 - Jet Ranger III aircraft, used for Navy Pilots instruction flights.


As of 2007, QUARTZO started offering its customers the training to fly with the latest generation night vision goggles, through the adaptation of their aircraft panels, the training of the crews and the supply of the necessary equipment.

In 2011, the Company expanded its commercial activities, offering equipment to meet the specific needs of the military and public security market, always following the art state in terms of technology. Two years later, it began participating in biddings for the supply of last generation optronic and thermal equipment for the special forces use. It also came to represent manufacturers of anti-riot and anti-bomb vehicles, as well as armored vehicles for the transportation of troops and for law and order’s maintenance.

In 2017, QUARTZO expanded its corporate structure, and the new Executive Board establishes bold goals for its growth. Since then, it has been expanding its network of international partners, providing innovative products and high aggregate technology for the segments in which it operates. The new Board of Directors also decides to increase the Company's participation in specialized exhibitions, congresses, and workshops in Brazil, as well as keeping permanently updated on its segments of activity, visiting several renowned international exhibitions and companies in America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The expansion of commercial activities in public security and national defense products was accompanied by the expansion of its capacity to provide specialized technical services, especially for the aviation market, through specialized audits and consultancies for the development of the Integrated Management System of air transport and air maintenance companies. Focusing on the areas of process management, quality assurance, aircraft maintenance, aerial operations, aeronautical infrastructure of airports and heliports, and operational safety management, including flight safety, work safety and human factor management. These specialized activities, conducted at a level of excellence, contributed greatly to the increase in performance, economy of resources and improvement of safety and operational performance of its customers.

The Company also robustly expanded its capacity to provide full technical support for the operation, maintenance, and modernization of operational flight simulators, including FFS level D simulators, with a high degree of realism. QUARTZO is presently responsible for the maintenance and support of the main military flight simulators in the country, exceeding the contracted availability levels.

At the beginning of 2018, QUARTZO starts its operations in the ballistic protection market, offering NIJ levels III and IV protection for land, surface, and aerial vehicles. It also starts offering state-of-the-art standalone ballistic plates, with the lowest weight on the market, and accelerates the development of its own brand vests. It also provides operational helmets with ballistic protection. In the middle of this year, QUARTZO, marking its entry into the segment of intelligent security, started to provide state-of-the-art equipment for surveillance, facial recognition and suspicious movements, access control, with full integration, and for interception and blocking of command-and-control signals and communications.

The end of 2018 marks the beginning of QUARTZO's operations in the unmanned vehicle market, whether aerial, land, surface, or submarine, starting partnerships with companies that manufacture state-of-the-art operational UAV, employing specialized payloads that varies from long-range, infrared, night vision and 3D mapping cameras to projectiles launchers and firefighting and rescue items. Operating with several manufacturers and having equipment with varied resources and capacities, QUARTZO is able to provide the perfect solution for the operational needs of its customers. At that time, the Company also starts to provide short, medium, and long range antidrone protection, with increased efficiency.

At the beginning of 2019, as a result of the expansion achieved, QUARTZO started to transfer its main activities to the city of Rio de Janeiro, capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro. At the end of that same year, a remote unit was created in the city of Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon, dedicated to high-tech segments, especially in the support and maintenance of operational and flight simulators and other services associated with smart city, intelligent security and access control. At the beginning of 2020, QUARTZO of Amazonia, is formally created, becoming the technological arm of QUARTZO Defense.

Associated with ABIMDE - Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries, QUARTZO intensified, in 2019, its participation in meetings involving Brazil and friendly countries promoted by that entity, making important contacts that have allowed the construction of strategic partnerships for the expansion of the Company's activities. Crowning its advance in October 2019, QUARTZO participates, as a guest, in the delegation of the President of the Republic on an official business visit to China.

Registered in the Regional Council of Engineering and Agriculture - CREA-RJ, QUARTZO has, in its staff of professionals and associated consultants, engineers, technicians and qualified specialists with a long professional experience acquired through the effective exercise of technical activities, both in the military and in the civilian market, where they have acted with seriousness, discipline, professional rigor, behavioral and professional ethics and maximum commitment to the quality of the final result, contributing to the preservation of human life and natural resources.


Provide customized, efficient and effective solutions for the security and defense needs of our customers, representing the most capable and innovative national and international manufacturers, respecting the legislation, maintaining a permanent focus on operational safety, and employing the highest standards of sustained quality.


To be recognized by its customers and suppliers as a competent, efficient, and effective company and a reference in the segment of security and defense products and services.


Honesty in the relationship with its customers, partners, and suppliers; commitment of its directors and employees to the ethical values and quality standards adopted by the company; competence, confidence, security, and credibility in all its actions and attitudes; and respect for saving resources and preserving the environment.

Strategic Objectives

  • Operate with differentiated operational excellence.
  • Ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.
  • Have competent, committed, motivated and inspired employees with high performance and efficiency.
  • Provide products and services of superior quality and with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
  • To act with agility and efficiency throughout the national territory.
  • Expand and strengthen the partnership with leading and innovative brands.
  • Maintain profitable and sustainable growth.
  • Achieve leadership in its segment through quality, innovation, and the use of cutting-edge technology.

The QUARTZO Amazônia

QUARTZO Amazônia, the technological arm of the QUARTZO Group, took its first steps in 2002, when QUARTZO Defense carried out, for the first time, activities to support flight simulators and started to work with the Brazilian Navy, providing instructors to the training in flight simulator of Bell 206 - Jet Ranger III aircraft, used for the instruction flights of Navy pilots.

In 2017, QUARTZO robustly expanded its capacity to provide full technical support for the operation, maintenance and modernization of operational shooting and flight simulators, including the Class D FFS simulators, with a high degree of realism. Since the end of that same year, it started to provide, under contract, logistical support to the flight simulators of the C-105 Amazonas, A-29 - Super Tucano and F-5E - Tiger II aircrafts of the Brazilian Air Force.

In mid-2018, QUARTZO marks its entry into the Intelligent Security segment, also of high technology and which involves monitoring and surveillance activities, facial recognition, movement identification, data collection, analysis and evaluation, alarm and control systems, control and block access, dangerous items detection and intercepting and blocking communication and command and control signals.

To improve support for the important contract it has with the Air Force, the QUARTZO Board of Directors approved the creation of a company unit in Manaus, providing more space for workshops and better technical conditions to expand its expertise in last generation computerized and robotic systems maintenance. On January 15, 2020, QUARTZO Amazônia – Defense and Control created, our technological arm, proudly based in the city of Manaus, heart of the Amazon Forest, dedicated to the high-tech segments of operational simulators and intelligent security.

Our Team

Our professionals are carefully selected, not only for their personal skills, technical knowledge, and accumulated experience, but also for their creativity and ability to serve well our customers, acting in quick, organized, and careful way to find the desired customized solutions.

The company's directors have long experience in the fields of aviation and defense, both in the military and civilian markets. Reserve military personnel brought to the company the same seriousness, discipline, professional rigor, and commitment to the quality of the final result with which they performed their duties over more than 30 years of operational and technical activities in the Brazilian Navy.

The technical and administrative staff is made up of civilians and military personnel from the reserve who have high technical knowledge and demonstrate unequivocal competence and total alignment with the Company's values.

Board of Directors

Carlos Alberto M. Cano

President & CEO

Born on Born on March 3rd, 1957, at the city of Rio de Janeiro.
He is a Naval Aviator and retired officer from the Brazilian Navy and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Luiz Carlos C. Campos

Vice President Director

Born on November 21st, 1962, at the city of Rio de Janeiro.
He is a Naval Aviator and retired officer from the Brazilian Navy and has a degree in Electrical Engineering, a Specialization in Information Technology, a master’s degree in Naval Sciences and an MBA in Executive Business Management.

André Pereira Meire

Technology Director

Born on July 2nd, 1968, at the city of Rio de Janeiro
He is a Naval Aviator and retired officer from the Brazilian Navy and has a degree in Naval Sciences, a master’s degree in Naval Sciences and an MBA in Executive Business Management.

Isis Pereira Cano

Administrative Director

Born on February 8th, 1985, at the city of Rio de Janeiro.
She has a degree in Environmental Engineer.

Our Differentials

  • Versatile, efficient, and committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Board of directors with 30 years of experience in security and defense.
  • Technical staff specialized in all segments of the company's operations.
  • Permanent commitment to sustained quality, operational safety, and the highest ethical standards.
  • Wide range of products, allowing the perfect solution for your need, without degrading the established requirements.
  • Results proven by renowned VIP and corporate clients.
  • Complete team for technical and specialized auditing and consulting.
  • Qualified for international partnerships and product exports.
  • Lean company, with effective management and standardization of practices and processes, bringing cost and price reduction to our clients.
  • Seriousness with deadlines and final results of our work.
  • Obstinate and permanent search for the final quality of the services performed and products sold. Excellent structure for after-sales support.
  • Excellent structure for after-sales support.
  • Company with social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Technical Capacity Certificates

The certificates of technical capacity contain statements from companies that purchased our products or hired our services, proving the experience and competence of QUARTZO Group companies in reaching and surpassing the proposed objectives.