Combat Technology

Optical and Optronic Equipment

Optronics or optoelectronics are electronic systems that provide, detect, and control light, including its invisible forms of radiation such as gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet and infrared, and visible light. Optoelectronic devices are electrical-optical or optical-electrical transducers or equipment that employ these devices in their operation. In the segments of National Defense and Public Security, optoelectronic equipment can be light and portable, for individual use by ground and airborne forces, or heavy and fixed, for installation in air, ground, and surface vehicles. 

Among the portable equipment, for individual use, there are binoculars, monoculars, lunettes, sights, wind and distance calculators for shooting, devices for infrared vision, night vision and mixed technology or optical fusion, which incorporate the reading technologies of the visible spectrum, night vision and thermographic vision in a single piece of equipment.

Robust and simple to operate, they are designed for combat missions and employed mainly by airborne units, ground infantry, and special forces. They provide high capacity for searching, identifying and designating targets. Modular and interoperable, with multiple features and functions, they can be interconnected with telecommunications systems and networks. Fixed equipment presents similar characteristics, however, with greater performance because it normally employs more robust systems both in terms of optics and onboard electronics.

Having a modern, reliable and high-capacity tactical communication system is essential for military or police force modernization programs. A good communication system employs advanced digital signal processing and miniaturized audio components and ergonomic headset design to provide the most faithful hearing possible. With this they are able to offer the user comfort, reliability, hearing protection, and superior audio quality, providing tactical teams with excellent situational awareness, natural sound, and precise directionality, while providing protection from ambient noise that would impede understanding of messages, such as that generated by vehicles and aircraft, as well as from potentially damaging intense noise, such as gunshots and explosions.

. For military and public security forces, private security, firefighting, and rescue teams, having modern systems capable of providing clear communication, even in noisy environments, with high hearing protection becomes a tactical advantage that can save lives.

In addition to the ability to see and communicate, the elements of the security and life preservation forces also need to be seen and eventually identified, either so that they can have their advance path followed or so that their elements can recognize each other, even under conditions of reduced visibility, such as night operation. 

In emergency situations, this signaling becomes even more necessary, requiring the correct application of different types of beacons. In addition to allowing the recognition and differentiation of friendly and enemy elements, reducing the probability of casualties by friendly fire, the signaling equipment can also be used in area signaling for the parking of land vehicles, docking of surface or underwater vehicles, and aircraft landing, and can emit both in the visible and infrared spectrum, as needed.

QUARTZO Defense Engineering has a wide and complete line of military equipment with latest-generation optronic technology, including night vision goggles for both aeronautical use and for ground forces and special tactical units, latest-generation cameras and thermal sensors, fusion-optical devices and holographic sights. It also has Tritium sights, target designators, distance and wind calculators, and multiple range telescopes, in conventional or advanced versions, which allow optical coupling with optronic devices. 

In addition to this optical and optronic equipment, there are modern communication and night signaling systems, which allow perfect integration and coordination among the team members in adverse territory and conditions. The combat technology equipment offered by QUARTZO has a robust construction, high reliability, and is combat-proven, yet lightweight, compact and portable, so as not to hinder the operationality of the user. They are always reliable and capable of meeting the most rigorous operational requirements established by the national defense and public security forces. Get to know our line of equipment.