Enhancing Your Defenses!

Through customized, efficient, and effective solutions, we seek to accomplish our customers´ needs, contributing to the improvement of national defense and public and private security systems and processes in Brazil and friendly nations.

The Company

QUARTZO Defense Engineering, Industry and Commerce, also called QUARTZO Defense, is a Brazilian company specialized in carrying out technical specialized services and commercial representation of innovative products, with high added value and high final quality, for the military and public or private security markets of Brazil and neighbor countries.

Our services are carried out through detailed planning and experienced guidance from our technical staff. We have a specialized and multidisciplinary team, proven and approved by demanding and renowned clients.

Our technicians accumulate long experience in the military and paramilitary market and are able to fast act with professionalism and competence, providing consultancy and assisting in the creation, development, and monitoring of technical projects, as well as studies on the applicability and acquisition of military and public or private security products.

Know a little more about QUARTZO Defense visiting our homepages and watching the video besides, that shows a little about our participation at 2019 LAAD Security & Defense. That is the largest military and public security exhibition of Latin America, where our stand was remarkably successful among visitors, for presenting several products of high quality and innovative technology.

Elegant, showy, and extremely popular, the QUARTZO Defense booth was visited by many Brazilian, civil, and military authorities, in addition to twenty-eight foreign delegations.

Our Services and Products

Aviation & Human Factor Technical Consultancy

Armament and Ammunition

Flight and Operational Simulators

Ballistic and Operational Protection

Tactical and Industrial Vehicles & Machinery

Urban Mobility and Robotics

Less-Lethal Devices

Operational Drones

Health and Aesthetics

Combat Technology

Intelligence, Access Control, and Investigation

Fire Fighting and Other Products

Our Differentials

  • Versatile, efficient, and committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Board of directors with 30 years of experience in security and defense.
  • Technical staff specialized in all segments of the company's operations.
  • Permanent commitment to sustained quality, operational safety, and the highest ethical standards.
  • Wide range of products, allowing the perfect solution for your need, without degrading the established requirements.
  • Results proven by renowned VIP and corporate clients.
  • Complete team for technical and specialized auditing and consulting.
  • Qualified for international partnerships and product exports.
  • Lean company, with effective management and standardization of practices and processes, bringing cost and price reduction to our clients.
  • Seriousness with deadlines and final results of our work.
  • Obstinate and permanent search for the final quality of the services performed and products sold. Excellent structure for after-sales support.
  • Excellent structure for after-sales support.
  • Company with social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Experience the QUARTZO Drones

QUARTZO Defense has a wide range of professional and recreational drones, modern and with high performance, capable of meeting the most diverse operational needs of our customers. We also have fixed and portable systems for point or area defense against drones.

We work with some of the best international manufacturers and have a diversified portfolio, with different UAV characteristics in terms of range, speed, load capacity and embedded resources, as well as payloads that incorporate the most modern technologies in terms of optronics and robotics. Therefore, we are able to meet the needs of our customers without them having to change or reduce the operational requirements established for their projects. We have the perfect equipment to meet your operational needs.

Quartzo fascina visitantes durante a 1° edição da CIOC

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HERÓIS DO RIO – 1° Simpósio Nacional de Vitimização Policial

No último dia 13 de maio de 2019, a Quartzo teve a honra de participar como parceiro do 1° Simpósio Nacional de Vitimização Policial, o evento apresentou o documentário “Heróis do Rio Janeiro” que retratou, através de narrativas reais dos familiares e policiais...

BCA participa da 21ª Edição da Milipol

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Quartzo + Norinco

A Quartzo tem orgulho de contar com um excelente grupo de parceiros cuja inovação e tecnologia pulsam em suas veias. Visando sempre avançar a Norinco Group está principalmente envolvida em pesquisa e desenvolvimento, fabricação e venda de OLED, materiais e...

9° BPM do Rio Grande do Norte participa da ação social “Natal Solidário” na zona Oeste de Natal

No dia 20 de dezembro de 2020, o 9° Batalhão de polícia militar do estado do Rio Grande do Norte, juntamente com o grupo Anjos da Madrugada, deu continuidade à campanha de Natal Solidário, que tem como objetivo distribuir brinquedos e alimentos para moradores de...

14º Batalhão da PMPB completa 12 anos de criação

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