Ballistic and Operational Protection

Armor, Vests and Ballistic Plates

Armor is the technology used to provide protection for people and objects against gunfire, today widely employed both in military combat situations and in conflicts and crime repression activities conducted by public security forces. QUARTZO Defense Engineering produces, in partnership with one of the best and most capable manufacturers of ballistic material worldwide, the BCA from São José do Campos.

Our rigid plates and soft ballistic vests, more popularly known as bulletproof vests, use the most modern and lightest raw materials in the international market, such as high molecular weight polyethylene, lighter than aramid. Always in full compliance with the standards in force in the country, the QUARTZO vests and ballistic plates are formally certified by the NIJ0101.04 standard, which is the standard adopted by the Brazilian Army's Controlled Products Inspection Board for the certification of ballistic products in the national territory.

Although certified by the above standard, our products are also tested and approved according to the more modern and rigorous standard NIJ0101.06, in force in the United States of America. QUARTZO ballistic vests and plates can be exported to all South America and other countries in the world. We also produce special ballistic plates for armoring military and police land vehicles, speedboats and aircrafts. For the latter, we developed removable plates that allow greater flexibility and logistic optimization, as they can be quickly removed from an eventually unavailable aircraft and installed in another that is available.

QUARTZO Defense Engineering also commercializes the following ballistic protection equipment, manufactured by internationally renowned partners: ballistic helmets for use by land and airborne forces, which may include a mandibular protector and ballistic visor, ballistic shrapnel protection goggles for sport shooters or elite shooters. More recently, the company started the development and loco will make available its own ballistic protection shields, with innovative design, and will soon operate in the market of vests and discreet ballistic vests, always with international certification. Contact us and get to know our line of products for collective or individual ballistic protection. We will be pleased to meet your needs in this segment.

Operational Protection Equipment

QUARTZO, with its board of directors formed by military officers from the reserve and engineers specialized in product quality control, is always searching for the best partnerships in order to offer the most modern solutions available in the international market for the protection of public agents in their daily and specific operational activities. The use of modern clothing and accessories, besides protecting the life of the public agent, reducing the high costs with sick leave, sick leave, health treatment and recovery, greatly increases their operational efficiency, greatly reducing the time required to fulfill their mission and achieve their objective, which, by itself, already decreses the associeted risk by reducing exposure, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the tactics employed.

We cannot forget the aesthetic aspects, since an impeccable presentation and a complete outfit of the public agent, added to a correct posture, greatly contribute to the development of moral respect, which, without a doubt, already acts as a dissuasion factor. Ergonomics is equally important in that comfort in the use of the equipment, especially under extreme operational conditions or prolonged employment, is fundamental to the health of the military and the public security professional. It is also important to ensure perfect integration between the set of equipment, so that the use or employment of one accessory does not prevent or hinder the use of another.

Besides the vests and items for individual protection, such as helmets, exoskeletons, shields, gloves, boots, and boots and boots, materials and equipment for the containment, transportation, and disarming of explosive artifacts, other accessories and operational equipment are necessary for the adequate fulfillment of the operational work routine of the professional and specialist in public security, such as special highly resistant clothing, tactical belts, bodycams, tactical knives, holsters and magazine holders, canteens, among others. This equipment is used in the operational routine of the public and private security professional, be it escorts, protection of assets and valuables, police patrols, rescue actions, incursions and areas with high risk of being shot, in the direct confrontation with criminals or in special operations. Considering the most diverse situations of operational employment of the security agent, QUARTZO Defense Engineering has made available a set of specialized equipment, of high quality and always associated with the state of the art, capable of meeting the most rigorous needs of the public security troops or private security elements.