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Modern Biotechnology

Health-oriented equipment, whether for individual and collective health protection, for medical diagnosis or to support physiotherapy or aesthetic treatments, despite the great demand for the much they contribute to the good performance of those professionals who use them, is usually a matter of concern, since quality deficiencies and outdated technologies can significantly degrade the expected results. In recent years, this equipment has seen great technological advances in terms of the technology employed, which has provided speed and greater accuracy to the results obtained. The advances in electronics and biotechnology have contributed a lot, and together they have made it possible for the tenuous electrical signals generated by biological processes, previously almost undetectable, to be captured, processed, and analyzed reliably.

Continuously linked to the state of the art of world technology and permanently interested in products that can somehow contribute to the quality of life of Brazilians, QUARTZO Defense Engineering, which with its technical team continuously monitors the global market, decided to enter the technology market for products supporting health care, including dentistry and rehabilitation, and aesthetics and incorporate them into the QUARTZO portfolio, bringing its customers the most modern and advanced in this segment.


Among the QUARTZO differentials in this segment are the long expertise in dealing with high-tech equipment and a long tradition of ensuring customer satisfaction, not only as to the quality of the equipment sold, but also by the excellent after-sales structure, which seeks not only to ensure, but also to exceed our customers' expectations.

Below are some types of products that are or will be part of QUARTZO's portfolio.

Personal Protective Equipment

The care with people's health and safety during their work activities must be a constant concern not only of public authorities, but also of the employer and the employee, and, for such, there are standards that establish rules and equipment that must be used according to the activity performed. The individual protection equipment or IPE are means or devices to be used by a person against possible risks threatening their health or safety during the exercise of a particular activity. The elimination of risk is a priority and the use of PPE, which act both to reduce the risks and mitigate their consequences, should be considered whenever it is not possible to adopt measures to eliminate the risks of the environment or the activity itself.

QUARTZO, understanding the importance of this equipment for people's prevention and protection and for following the main materials and equipment that have been developed and used in the international market, has included in its portfolio equipment for protection of vital areas of the body, such as the head, eyes, ears, face, trunk, hands and feet, besides the protection of respiratory capacity and against falls, among others. Here are some of these products:

Masks respiratory protection devices - these protect the user against the inhalation of toxic substances or gases. There are also the masks used by health professionals, among which, the N95 respirator, equivalent to the PFF2 mask, indicated for professionals and people exposed to environments contaminated by aerosols. Its filtering capacity and resistance to the passage of particulate materials can reach and even exceed 95%. There are also surgical masks and others made according to the requirements of the health authorities, which can be used even by people who are not directly connected to health work activities.

Eye and face protection - with the purpose of protecting the eyes as well as the entire face, it is very useful when performing risky activities, especially in industry, such as the operation of machine tools that can throw small debris towards the operator, which can hit and perforate the eyes, nose, and face. The use of glasses or even face protection is also of great importance in the health area, since some diseases can have their transmission facilitated by virus contact with eyes, nose and mouth or even regions of the face, which when touched can lead the virus to areas of penetration in the body (upper airways, mucous membranes, wounds, etc.).

Head protection (helmets) - the head is often the target of many unwanted contacts, be it with obstacles at a low height, items falling from higher places, or even contact with the ground in unwanted falls. For this reason, the use of protective helmets is mandatory in any operational activity in industrial areas or when performing work at height or risk activities where there may be the possibility of a fall, even if performed at ground level. The helmet does not prevent contact with the obstacle, but greatly reduces its consequences, not only by preventing direct contact, but also by absorbing part of the shock energy, since they always have some shock absorbing capacity, reducing brain injuries and concussions.

Hearing protection (noise mufflers) - Regulatory Standard 15 (NR15) establishes rules and limits for performing work activities in an unhealthy environment, that is, an environment that can cause temporary or permanent damage to the worker's body. NR15 also specifies the maximum exposure to loud noises, considering both its intensity and duration, as well as the minimum levels of protection to be adopted by workers exposed to such noises. Any work activity performed in a place that presents noise levels above the appropriate ones, as established in NR15, must be carried out with hearing protection, which may be of the sound dampening type, external to the ear or internal to it (earplugs). It is essential that the equipment used is approved by certifying agencies, to ensure that its performance reaches and exceeds the minimum established by the technical standard in force.

Hand and foot protection (gloves and shoes) - the gloves used as PPE are usually made of resistant and impermeable materials, when their purpose is to prevent contact with the skin of chemical and biological products that are toxic to health. When the purpose is to prevent cuts and perforations, the gloves are manufactured in products of greater resistance, from thick fabrics such as rasp, to the use of metallic fibers (steel) or special synthetic fibers such as Aramid. When the objective is protection against excessive cold and heat, special thermal fibers such as Nomex and similar are used. Special shoes made of impermeable synthetic fabrics can provide chemical protection, in cases where the wearer will be working in a humid environment, even if temporarily, as in disinfection processes. Other models aim at physical protection against cutting-perforating materials (steel soles), toe-crushing (steel toe cap) or slipping (high grip soles).

Trunk protection (aprons) - the chemical, biological or just physical protection of the trunk can be achieved through the use of an apron made of material that presents adequate resistance to the material or product against which the protection is desired.

Fall protection (safety belts) - the risk of injury and even death when working at height is always high. Helmets do not minimize the risk of a fall, only mitigate its consequences. To reduce the risk, one of the most effective pieces of equipment is the safety belt, usually connected to a boulder that is worn by the professional and to a cable or fixed anchor point.

Medical Diagnostic Support Equipment

As tecnologias na área da saúde têm avançado rapidamente. Equipamentos de auxílio ao diagnóstico, com precisão e confiabilidade técnica cada vez maiores têm sido continuamente apresentados ao market. Despite all this development, finding equipment with high durability has been a constant challenge for clinics and health professionals, who often prefer to rent or outsource the use of such equipment in order to avoid high investments with delayed return. The maintenance of such equipment, especially the difficulty and high cost of spare parts, as well as the specialized labor force for repair services are among the factors that most hinder the large-scale use of such equipment, especially by smaller clinics and autonomous professionals. QUARTZO Defense Engineering, in its sanitary arm - QUARTZO Health and Aesthetics, employs all its long expertise with high-technology equipment to eliminate these difficulties and contribute to the large-scale use of modern technology in medical diagnostic support, especially in the following segments:

Electrocardiography - is a commonly used, noninvasive procedure for recording the behavior of the heart and identifying any changes by reading the electrical signals generated by the heart muscle. An electrocardiogram (ECG) presents, by means of a graphical representation, the variation over time in the amplitude of the electrical signal from certain regions of the heart. With this, it is possible to observe not only the rhythm of the heartbeats, but also to identify possible arrhythmias or abnormalities, whether regular or occasional, of this heart rhythm, its amplitude, and region of origin, facilitating the identification of cardiac pathologies. Depending on what you want to identify, there are different methodologies to perform the ECG, among them the routine ECG (static), the one performed under stress (exercise stress test), and the extended one (ECG holter).

For each measurement, a different type of equipment best suits the needs of the physician or patient, among them, portable models, with USB connection, which allow its use even without being connected to the mains, being able to connect to a notebook, for example. It is important to emphasize that the equipment must always be approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency - Anvisa, in order to ensure minimum standards of quality and reliability in the measurements taken.

Electroencephalography - is an electrophysiological monitoring procedure used to record the brain's electrical activity, which is usually non-invasive. By recording the electroencephalogram (EEG), it is possible to diagnose possible abnormalities in brain activity. The test is usually indicated for the identification of suspicious alterations in the brain electrical activity, such as those found in patients with epilepsy or other neurological pathologies. For its realization, several devices and technologies are available in the market, and it is always very important to previously identify the objectives of the measurement, since the capacity of the equipment or the number of electrodes and, consequently, of simultaneous reading points, can impact its cost, besides other factors such as size and portability, and the ability to print the report.

Defibrillator - this is a device used, in the case of a cardiac arrest, to restore the patient's heart rhythm by emitting a moderate electrical charge to the heart that is suffering some type of arrhythmia. This shock aims to stimulate the organ to pump blood and return to its normal functioning. Among the equipment models, we have the manual external defibrillator, where the operator, usually a doctor, nurse, or trained paramedic, is the one who decides the electrical charge to be applied to the patient. There is also the automatic external defibrillator (AED), which is very versatile because it is automatic, safe, and self-explanatory, allowing the equipment itself to decide the load to be applied to the patient. With this type of equipment, all the operator has to do is push the release button, and it can be used by any trained person. In Brazil, according to Federal Bill No. 4050/04, approved in 2015, places that concentrate more than 4000 people per day must have cardiac defibrillators available to the public for emergency situations.

QUARTZO is identifying suppliers of choice to include in its portfolio the best equipment in the market to meet the needs of our customers. QUARTZO is prepared to supply the equipment for sale or rental, and provide both adequate training for the correct use of the equipment and the necessary technical assistance for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of the equipment, allowing the customer a prolonged exploration of all the available resources of the equipment.

Rehabilitation Treatment Support Equipment

Rehabilitation support equipment is an important and often fundamental tool for a faster and more efficient outcome in physical rehabilitation support treatments. The evolution of this equipment, like the evolution of medical equipment, has been intense and is associated with the new technologies of electrical and electronic systems available. Among the main equipment, we can mention the following:

Therapeutic ultrasound - the ultrasonic energy is one of the resources of electrotherapy most used in the physical therapist's clinical practice with the objective of reducing pain, attenuating inflammatory processes and helping in tissue regeneration. The equipment works by generating high frequency sound waves, above the audible spectrum, i.e., above 20 KHz, and can reach several GHz. These sound waves generated in the applicator device are transmitted by direct contact to the chosen location and dissipate in the tissues, causing the desired effects. There are many studies correlating ultrasound therapeutic intervention to the partial recovery of injured muscles.

Therapeutic ultrasound - ultrasonic energy is one of the electrotherapy resources most used in the physical therapist's clinical practice with the objective of reducing pain, attenuating inflammatory processes and helping in tissue regeneration. The equipment works by generating high-frequency sound waves, above the audible spectrum, that is, above 20 KHz, and can reach several GHz. These sound waves generated in the applicator device are transmitted by direct contact to the chosen location and dissipate into the tissues, causing the desired effects. There are many studies that correlate ultrasound therapeutic intervention with partial recovery of injured muscles.

TENS - is a transcutaneous electrical stimulation, that is, it is a therapy that uses an electrical current applied superficially to the skin, applied by means of electrodes, for treatment against pain. It exercises its analgesic function by activating internal control mechanisms of the nervous system, contributing to the pain picture evidenced in fibromyalgia, arthrosis, bursitis, among other problems.

Aesthetic Treatment Support Equipment

Thousands of people seek, every year, some kind of aesthetic treatment to solve personal problems that affect self-esteem, including the treatment of wrinkles and expression lines, fighting flaccidity, cellulite, stretch marks, and localized fat. Such treatments can be conducted through physical exercises, dietary re-education, conventional medication, alternative therapies, or localized manipulation of skin tissues, among others. In recent years, some of these therapies have had their results greatly optimized by using modern devices and support equipment. Such demand encourages professionals in this segment to be always on the lookout for new technologies that can contribute to the improvement of the results expected by the customer. Knowing that technology is a powerful ally of good results, QUARTZO Saúde e Estética, in its traditional and constant search for high-tech equipment, is expanding and extending its portfolio to the most commonly used equipment and devices in aesthetics, thus contributing so that clinics and autonomous professionals can acquire or rent modern and reliable equipment, in order to offer their customers a differentiated and quality treatment. Among the main equipment and devices for aesthetic treatment, most used and available in the national and international market, we can mention the following:

Intense Pulsed Light - is a type of treatment similar to laser, which can be used to remove skin blemishes, combat wrinkles and expression lines, and remove unwanted hair from any region of the body, especially the face, chest, abdomen, arms, armpits, groin, and legs. Due to its multiple functionality, it can assist in treatments such as: prolonged hair removal, elimination of wrinkles and expression lines, fighting rosacea and telangiectasia, acne treatment, elimination of stretch marks, and removal of skin blemishes. The treatment with Intense Pulsed Light is safe and has scientific studies that assure that even after months of treatment there is no increase in the CD4 and CD8 defense cells, related to the presence of skin diseases and cancerous tumors.

Electro-lipolysis - electro-lipolysis is an aesthetic treatment that acts to combat localized fat and cellulite. The treatment consists in the use of electrical currents applied on certain regions of the skin to promote lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells) and facilitate its subsequent elimination by the body itself, sometimes stimulated by manual massages or performed with the support of other special equipment. There are several studies that support the application of electrolysis for the treatment of localized fat, being an interesting resource for professionals who seek to offer good results.

Galvanic and Russian Currents - these are safe, low intensity electrical currents, produced by equipment specially developed for this purpose. The electrical stimuli cause the contraction of the muscles, stimulating blood circulation and improving the muscle tone of the treated area (arms, legs, buttocks, belly, etc.). The treatment is used in localized esthetic therapies, among which are the treatment of acne, stretch marks, dark circles under the eyes, desincrustation, facial and body ionization, wrinkles, expression lines, reduction of flabbiness and cellulites, and elimination of excess fat from the skin. This aesthetic treatment was developed in Russia in the 1980s.

Cryolipolysis - consists of the use of equipment that freezes the fat in a certain area of the body. The equipment is placed on the surface of the skin, causing the fat cells to be frozen through a non-invasive process. The equipment must be adapted to each area of the body, since there are larger and smaller regions. There are, in the market, several pieces of equipment, with prices varying according to the features offered. There is equipment that, besides freezing, promotes local heating to optimize the loss of localized fat. To be effective and safe, the treatment must always be performed with a certified equipment and with the maintenance up to date so there is no risk of burns.

Carboxitherapy is an aesthetic treatment that involves the application of carbon dioxide injections under the skin to eliminate cellulite, stretch marks, localized fat, and sagging skin. Its beneficial effects occur because the injected carbon dioxide stimulates cell circulation and tissue oxygenation. The equipment used in this procedure must be certified by the National Health Surveillance Agency. The carbon dioxide gas also acts in the rupture of fibroses of the subcutaneous tissue, stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, and has a lipolytic effect (breakdown of fat cells). Commonly used in the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks, and dark circles under the eyes, the treatment can also be used to combat baldness. The treatment with carboxitherapy is applied subcutaneously and in the dermis, penetrating the tissue, attracting the hemoglobin and dilating the vessels that were partially or completely inactive before.

Lipocavitation - in lipocavitation, the ultrasonic waves emitted by the device penetrate deeply into the fat cells, shaking their structure and imploding them, so that they can then be eliminated by the lymphatic system, achieving very promising results and being able to eliminate up to 80% of the localized fat, being indicated to model and define the body. To obtain effective results, it is essential that the professionals have modern, reliable, and high quality equipment.

Ozone Vapor - Ozone vapor is commonly used in skin cleansing, in order to achieve a high level of skin emolliency that facilitates the permeation of actives. Besides this, ozone vapor also works as a bactericide and fungicide, stimulating the release of toxins, which contributes to satisfactory results, especially in acne control treatments. The equipment can also be used for aromatherapy, which is a technique that uses essential vegetable oils to promote biochemical effects on the body. Each oil has specific properties and acts in a similar way to some physiological hormones of our body.

Dental Treatment Support Equipment

Today's dental equipment is essential to the dentist's work and makes an important contribution to the good results achieved. Equipment to support dental treatment began to be developed more than a century ago, and some of them have become so basic a necessity that they are found in every dental office, regardless of the dentist's specialty. Some others provide support exclusively for specialized treatments.

Photopolymerizer - the equipment is used in direct and indirect restorations, bonding brackets and orthodontic accessories. It acts through the emission of the visual spectrum wave, in the blue color and length between 395nm and 480nm, activating the compounds of the special bonding resin, hardening them and fixing them to the tooth structure. The quality and durability of the restoration or bonding is directly related to the type of curing agent used in the procedure.

Teeth whitening - tooth whitening is a type of aesthetic treatment increasingly requested in dental offices. Many times, the care with the correct brushing and the maintenance of oral health are not enough to obtain whiter teeth, as the patient would like, since most teeth end up getting darker or stained naturally with time. Some modern tooth whitening equipment works exclusively through the emission of selective spectrum light, avoiding the use of chemical agents, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, which may cause tooth sensitivity in some patients. For this reason, light emitting whiteners do not cause sensitivity, besides presenting simplified control functions and very versatile performance.

Branqueamento dos dentes - o branqueamento dentário é um tipo de tratamento estético cada vez mais solicitado nos consultórios dentários. Muitas vezes, os cuidados com a escovagem correcta e a manutenção da saúde oral não são suficientes para obter dentes mais brancos, como o paciente gostaria, uma vez que a maioria dos dentes acabam por ficar mais escuros ou manchados naturalmente com o tempo. Alguns equipamentos modernos de branqueamento dentário funcionam exclusivamente através da emissão de luz de espectro selectivo, evitando a utilização de agentes químicos, tais como peróxido de hidrogénio ou carbamida, que podem causar sensibilidade dentária em alguns pacientes. Por este motivo, os branqueadores emissores de luz não causam sensibilidade, além de apresentarem funções de controlo facilitadas e um desempenho muito versátil.