Become a QUARTZO Partner

If you already produce or are close to producing any innovative and promising material or equipment for the military and public or private security market, which presents high operational performance and sustained quality, please contact us. Come talk to us about your product. If it meets all technical, ethical, and commercial requirements and has a competitive price, you may become a QUARTZO supplier.

QUARTZO seeks new representatives. If you are a retired military or police officer, have had a clean career, have solid knowledge in products and equipment for the military and security market, have experience as a sales representative and would like to be a QUARTZO partner, contact us.

I want to be a QUARTZO Partner

QUARTZO is always open to companies that have innovative and promising solutions, of high performance with modern technology and sustained quality for the military and public or private security market. It is also open to new experienced sales representatives.


The inclusion of a partner's product in our portfolio does not guarantee its sale. However, we will act in a professional and competitive manner to present it to potential customers, who will always have the final decision on whether or not to purchase the products presented, in compliance with the legislation.