Present us your Startup

QUARTZO understands that Startups represent what is most creative and promising in the business world. Usually light, creative, and commercially bold, they can make leaps, while traditional companies just walk. For us, Startups represent the country's business future and, for this reason, the QUARTZO Group may come to support a Startup, acting as an advisor or angel investor, as long as it meets established requirements, aligns with QUARTZO's business segments, and has its project approved and classified in the internal selection process.

The impact of the product on QUARTZO's business will be considered, the ethics involved, the consistency and feasibility of the project, including the ease of its implementation, the technical capacity of the team, the degree of innovation, the level of technological maturity and the potential for scale gains. It is essential that the final product or service fits into the areas of military and national defense, public or private security and other operating segments of QUARTZO, in particular optronic devices, less-lethal products, access control, aerial, terrestrial or surface tactical drones and sustainable electric urban mobility. It is also important that the project is very well defined, with a complete and detailed business plan and with the necessary resources estimated correctly and accurately. Support for the chosen Startup, if it occurs, will be through a legal contract to be established between the parties, in full compliance with the legislation.

I want to introduce my Startup

If you have a Startup with a promising project that meets the above specifications, get in touch, and come and talk to us about it. QUARTZO is always open to projects that present promising and innovative solutions, of high performance, modern technology, and sustained quality, in the segments of our interest.


The simple submission of a project does not assure any support from QUARTZO. Any and all support will be provided exclusively through a legal contract to be established between the parties, in accordance with the legislation in force.